Hi all, not entirely sure if can post this ‘review’ given the sticky. No criticism here though so hopefully my good experience will be permitted. Anyone looking for a family week fishing I would reccommend a look at Ladignac Lakes, just opened up in Limoges. Just done a week there with the family and had a great time. John has two lakes, side by side and the accommodation overlooks the two. The accommodation is great, newly fitted kitchen with decent oven, all the utensils etc and a gas BBQ, living area with sofa bed, great shower, large bedroom with two double beds and a cracking view from the balcony which is also covered so you can sit and sup from there rain or shine! Oh and a DVD player and Sky tv to keep the littlun happy! The main lake (roughly 4 acres) holds some fantastic fish with the odd 40 to go for and a number of big 30’s and plenty of twenties to keep you happy. Im sure these will put some weight on and pretty soon I would expect a few more 40’s and more big 30’s of which there’s already a good few. I had ten fish for my week, might not sound a lot given its a new water but thats probably down to me lol. Only really fished broken 8 hour days, didnt really do any early starts and the one night i did produced two fish, also lost a day to thunder and torrential rain but the rest of the time it was stinking in the mid 30’s. Biggest fish was a 33 mirror with a 28, 26 and couple other 20’s to back it up. The lake is stunning. We flew in taking only my reels and end bits. John sorted us out with everthing else and took the missus shopping etc. Nothing was too much trouble. Genuinely nice fella, really looked after us. I will definitely be going back. Any families out there looking for good fishing, lovely surroundings and accommodation I’d reccommend giving Ladignac Lakes a look. Its obviously not a monster fish water but for a relaxing family/lads week it ticks the boxes. Dunno about links and stuff so just Google Ladignac Lakes and check it out